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At Group Benefits, Inc. we strive to provide friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable information.   We focus on customer service satisfaction and helping people.   We never think any question is a stupid one so do not hesitate to call us about anything.   The employees of Group Benefits, Inc. have been working with employee benefit programs for over 32 years collectively.   We work with many major insurance carriers and some minor carriers.   In addition to the types of plans that usually come to mind when you are thinking about employee benefits or health programs we also have specialized risk plans like Identity Theft, Pet Insurance, Prepaid Legal, RX only plans, Limited Benefit Medical, and others.   Our clients include individuals and groups with as few as two employees and as large as 150 employees currently.   We would appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a no-obligation quote for your insurance needs.   We can even just talk with you about concerns you may have with your current program even if we did not sell it to you.   It is important to us that you understand your benefits and we try to help everyone.   We realize that different situations require different benefits and different individuals have different needs.

Check some of the services we offer for our clients.


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