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QuickCare Pet Insurance Programs

You canít predict the future of your petís health - but you can prepare for it for just pennies a dayÖ

QuickCare Pet Insurance eliminates the financial stress of providing unexpected medical attention. If your pet is ill or has an accident, the last thing you want to worry about is money.

The most comprehensive coverage for your petís accidents and illnesses Ė QuickCare Pet Insurance Programs pay a higher percentage of your claim than their competitors*.

QuickCare Pet Insurance Programsí Features:
User-friendly accident and illness coverage for all cats and dogs (guaranteed acceptance)
Wide range of programs
Use the veterinarian of your choice
Fixed deductible
Premiums do not increase with age
No restrictive schedule of benefits
Coverage available for hereditary and congenital defects, including hip dysplasia
Lifetime enrollment

Most dog and cat owners think of their pets as part of their family, and yet many don't think about their pet's health needs until it is too late.
Protect your pets with a QuickCare Pet Insurance Program.

Protect Your Pet
Protect Your Pet
Get A Quote on Pet Health Insurance Get a No-Obligation Quote Ė and All the Information You Need. Itís Easy!
*Paid vs. claim percentage is 86.3% for QuickCare Gold program. QuickCare Pet Insurance Programs are underwritten by ING Insurance Company of Canada and Kingsway General Insurance Company through P. Morin courtier en assurances Inc. (Note: Underwriters may vary by province and product type). QuickCare Pet Insurance Programs are currently available to residents in all provinces excluding the Territories. QuickCare Insurance Brokers Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pethealth Inc., a TSX venture tier 1 listed company (symbol:PTZ). All other company/association names, logos and products are trademarks of their respective companies/associations. This website is only an outline of the QuickCare Pet Insurance Programs presented. In the event of discrepancies between information featured on this website and the terms and conditions of the policy, the terms and conditions will govern. © 2003 Pethealth Inc All rights reserved. This site is operated by PetHealth, Inc., the provider of QuickCare Pet Insurance Programs.


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