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Short Term Medical policies are made to fill a very specific term of time, generally from 10 days to six months.  At the end of the period that you selected the policy ends; therefore, the premium for these type of policies are lower than traditional health policies.  Premiums for a short-term policy may be discounted even further if payment for the entire period selected is paid in full with the application.

Some companies will allow you to have a second policy but it will be not be continuous with the first.  It will have a new effective date and the deductibles and pre-existing periods start all over.  For instance, if you had a short term policy for six months and broke your arm.  The policy would cover your claims until the end of the policy period.  Then if you bought a second short term policy and you had to have additional work done on your broken arm it would not be covered as it would be considered pre-existing.  This is because it was related to something that you incurred or were treated for prior to the effective date of the second policy.

Short-term policies are great for students who have recently graduated and only need coverage for a short period of time.  They are also good to fill the gap between the time when you are hired by a company that has insurance and your group insurance effective date.  If you think you will need individual insurance coverage for more than six months it is a good idea to get a regular individual health policy.

Another time that short-term coverage may be needed is if you are traveling outside of the country.  Traveling abroad may not be covered by your regular medical policy.  Be sure to check before leaving home.  If it doesn't you might want to check into a travel policy.  It covers more than just accident and sickness.

If you have questions or want to discuss your particular situation contact us or call 314-438-0222

Temporary Health Insruance from Allied National is great for new employees in a probationary period.





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