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We work with several companies that have individual dental plans, some are true dental insurance plans and some are discount plans.  These can be purchased by individuals or offered as a voluntary benefit with group plans.  Individual dental plans are different than group dental plans. For information on group dental insurance
request a group quote or call our office.


Dental Source
  This plan is a DHMO.  You must choose your dentist from their list when you enroll.  The premiums are very competitive.  No Annual Maximum Benefit
Smile Dental
  This is a true dental insurance plan.  You can see any dentist you want to.  The benefits are limited in the first year.  They have three different annual maximums to choose from.
Select Dental   This is an association plan that includes dental insurance benefits.  You can see any dentist you want.  Benefits are based on a pre-determined amount.  $1,000 annual maximum benefit.
Sign Up Now and Receive an Additional 3 Months of Care FREE!   Discount Dental Plans.  These are discount plans, not dental insurance.



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