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We have several guaranteed issue plans that you may want to consider if you are unable to obtain traditional insurance.  It is important to note that guaranteed issue medical plans do not the work the same way as traditional plans.  Guaranteed issue medical plans generally have limits on benefits, some benefits are defined, and portions of the program may not even be considered insurance.

It is important that you understand your benefits before you have an illness or injury as that is not the best time to decide to read your plan.  Some programs for Guaranteed Issue medical benefits are combined plans, this means that they have some insured benefits and some non-insured benefits.

Guaranteed issue plans for individuals are available for medical, dental, prescriptions, legal, pet, and identity theft.  These are a great addition to a group plan as voluntary benefits, especially if your plan does not cover things they can or if you have a high deductible plan.


National Choice Membership
(a combined plan)

Competitor Smile Dental
(choose your own dentist)

Dental Source
(dental HMO)

Legal & Identity
(pre-paid legal and identity protection)

Pet Ins.
(cat & dog coverage)

Life Insurance
(covers up to age 65)

The Select Company has medical plans, RX plans, dental plans, and life plans


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