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  We work with many employers in the area to provide group health insurance and employee benefit plans.




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Here you can find information that will help you administer your group insurance plan, obtain forms for many of the carriers that we work with, and request a quote for your group insurance needs.  We work with many employers in the Missouri and Illinois area surrounding Saint Louis.  We have provided information on this site to help you if it is after hours.  Don' t hesitate to call us a 314-438-0222.  We are looking forward to working with you in the near future.

If you already have a group plan that you purchased from someone else you can still call us.  We can help you understand your current benefits or even look at other companies for you.  You are not locked into any period that you must keep your current plan just because you have a 12 month rate guarantee.

How can you get more information?  Call our office at (314) 438-0222, contact us, or request a quote online for help with your particular situation.  We have many carriers that we deal with and all information is treated as confidential.

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