Hi Eric, Thank you. I would stake my life on it whether its mil spec or not. While the BCM flattop upper receiver with a 1913 (Picatinny) rail on top, the new M-LOK rail on the sides, free floated handguard, mid-length gas system, and low profile gas block. Spent many years in the service with some heavy combat and I would have loved the reliability of some of my home AR's then the early M4's i used. I've been involved with shooting and hunting for sometime now, but I've never caught the AR bug until recently. If you are looking for a rifle that might be one of your most affordable options possible, this might be the best option. Essentially the engine that runs the AR-15. Rock River Arms AR3258. Hi Mario, we haven't had any experience besides a few rounds through at a range day to have a solid opinion. Answer: Check out the video below with info on the Huldra Arms AR. Plain Jane Tac Op 2 with an eotech 512 on it and a sling. Very good article, taught me alot, but Note that they should be overall the same size but the bottom FA is shrunk in the picture. Eric, I’ve enjoyed reading your articles and have learned quite a bit from them. So if you are a civilian that is looking for the best rifle for hunting or target shooting or a law enforcement officer looking for something for tactical applications, this might be worth a closer look. I wouldn't put Noveske in the top tier any more since the old man died. What are the other two? The first significant guidelines in the form of an intermediate cartridge and the first mass-produced assault rifle, the Sturmgewehr (StG) 44, came from Germany which then became accepted by the Soviets, who impressed with the StG 44, developed their own version of the assault rifle, called the AK-47. Their rifles, 1911s, and Berettas are all well respected in tactical and competition communities. thank you!! My departing advice to anyone new to the AR scene. I don't plan to compete or go hunting with them. Thank you very much Eric. Piston AR-15 types are as accurate, are more accurate than the non-piston types! .....comes with nice case also. What is interesting to me is that it already comes with many of the mods I had already earmarked for mine. Hey Joel, I've heard of that too but unfortunately I don't have experience with the older ones. Id replace Colt with Larue or Wilson or simply the word custom. Again, thanks for a great article! I've been buying/building/shooting AR platform guns since '67, as a Marine Corps armorer in The 'Nam. The completely full-floating barrel is an M4/government profile and has the step-cut pattern that allows it to accept an M203 grenade launcher. Generally, there are only two options: – carbon or stainless steel. I was very fortunate to have come away with a great rifle and a ton of knowledge and experience from the build. I did want to ask about your opinion or knowledge about two things: Also, looking at Wyndham Weaponry, are you familiar with that brand? Nothing wrong with these guns either, they are great starter AR’s because of their affordability and are perfectly capable of being reliable. Why? great info!! It is 7.62 x39. The medium profile is an excellent, all-purpose barrel profile similar to the lightweight barrel, but it will more efficiently mitigate heat soak. When another company check every 10 or everyone. So, 1) what are your thoughts on this? Lou Storiale. Depending on the position of the stock, the overall length is 32.5"-35.5". The piston system is typically more reliable in poor weather conditions and is inherently cleaner as dirty gas is vented out, but these systems can be prohibitively expensive. Also get a free float Mlok. It handles the water vapor better from suppressors as well without corroding. for i have been researching and looking into the purchase of a AR, this has defenintly helped me out! Some designs can be effective up to a 50% reduction in felt recoil but with increased loud. The improved flash suppressor is machined from quality 17-4 PH stainless steel and due to its design, virtually eliminates muzzle flash. It may be a little gritty at first but will become better with use. If you're looking for your next upper, check out my Best AR-15 Uppers article too. Depending on the position of the stock, the overall length is 32.5"-35.5". Hi Eric can you explain why you and the military prefer M LOK over KEY MOD hand guards. Although it seems that AR building projects are all the rage today, there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a complete rifle from a trusted manufacturer. The twist rate is a distance in inches that rifling takes to complete one full revolution inside the barrel. This will be a great rifle for civilian and tactical use. Any recommendations for this would be appreciated. The difference between a RH and LH AR-15 rifle would be the placement of the ejection port (would be on the left side) and also the placement of the magazine release and safety lever (mag release would be on the left and safety lever would be to the right). The following is a list of frequently asked questions that are asked by those who are potential AR-15 buyers. The FBI, DEA and more have adopted these products in recent years and they’re sitting in gun safes around America. Well done! My advice is not to worry about it too much. I would like to shoot steel ammo, since I’m on a budget. If you are serious about finding a rifle with accuracy and precision, this could be exactly what you are looking for. The Rock River Arms LAR-15 is one AR that is made to seriously hunt. 25 yeard.. Live in CA. They said that it was probably the closest they could get to a tactical-style rifle. I did not follow your “buy a complete AR first” advice, as I have always loved to tinker and couldn’t pass up the fun of building my own. The reason I ask is because if heard people say that Colt has lost some of its quality that it is known for, due to their financial issues. Yeah, the same RRA I paid $1200 for that has never had a misfeed for me in a couple thousand dirty rounds and puts a 3/4” grouping at 50 yrds with a 1x red dot while still being able to bump fire from my belt. One of the newest crazes is to have coated BCG’s that are supposed to make them easier to clean, require less lubrication, and run longer between cleanings. Sporting an M4 profile, the barrel is machined from 4150 CMV steel and coated with an AP proprietary corrosion-resistant finish. Under the gas pressure, the BCG is moved rearward and the bolt carrier group presses up against the action spring and buffer which is located within the receiver extension. Check out the Faxon ION from the famed barrel manufacturers. Keep up the good work! Low prices and fast shipping! In Mag Particle NDT (non destructive testing), the part is either directly magnetized or indirectly magnetized. Excellent article. One user said that he made the right choice in choosing this rifle for all of his tactical applications. This is like how pew pew suggested I buy AR500 armor and Safelite. Everyone I packed for 9 years did which was and m4, m16 A2, and m16 A4. I actually like the fact the RRA's come with Heavy Barrels. Keep up the good work. These are our perceived top quality manufacturers who don’t cut corners and can produce near 100% reliable guns (or they have an awesome marketing budget). As for whether or not if it will be banned at all, only time will tell. In my opinion…it’s your gun and your money, so do what you want to do as long as it’s still safe and legal. Rugged in construction, accurate in shooting, and a lot of fun to use is what you might be getting out of this rifle. This can hit hard and do so with precise accuracy up to 1,000 yards. After reading it I know nearly all I need to know to get into an AR rifle. I understood they are a quality MFG. Having a longer barrel doesn’t necessarily mean more accuracy. As mentioned earlier, the bolt carrier group should have the right quality inspection markings such as high pressure tested (HPT) and magnetic particle inspected (MPI). I would take a Stag over a Colt all day. This thing is a shooter. There are two major types, Direct Impingement (DI) and Piston. We begin the breakdown of the AR-15 system by covering the various characteristics of barrels (the thing that bullets come out of). The AR-15 can fulfill roles such from a long range precision rifle to a close quarters combat (CQB) carbine by just switching out the “upper” and mating it with the “lower.”. They also provide firearms for a lot of the Police Dept's in Texas. Stag did. And we won’t be surprised if you love it at first shot. According to Federal law, the minimum required barrel length for rifles is sixteen inches.Also, shorter barrels generally weigh less and are easier to handle because they are not as unwieldy as the rifle-length barrels. They will be hunters, casual target shooters, and competitive shooters. In hand lapped barrels that is corrected mostly. My first sport rifles where Ruger 30 ranch and SKS which was cheap hunting rife for a young family man on a budget. Carbon fiber. Since the rifles with barrels shorter than 16″ belong to “Short Barreled Rifle” (SBR) category regulated by the NFA, it is advisable to opt for at least 16″ barrels. Surely, they are far better quality weapons than a garbage PSA. I've recently been introduced to Patriot Ordinance Factory AR15s - specifically I shot the Puritan model (now discontinued). Lastly, 416 and 416R stainless steels are very similar to 410 stainless, but with more sulfur content that makes the material gentler to the machine. It should also theoretically offer a smoother/softer shooting rifle since the increased distance will allow gas pressure to lower before going back into the rifle. Thanks for including information about left-handed guns. thanks for article, and thanks in advance for any feedback. The Colt Law Enforcement Carbine, designation LE6920, shares many features of its combat proven brother, the Colt M4. But I’m lu… Recommendation? Top quality civilian AR. See all our suggestions at Best AR-15 Upgrades. Colt began selling the scaled-down version of the Armalite AR-10 rifle, dubbed the ArmaLite AR-15, to foreign militaries. The government class is a mix of lightweight with medium or heavy barrel contours and a barrel cutout for an M203 grenade launcher. Thanks And since this is a Smith and Wesson, it lives up to the name of being one of the most reliable rifles on the market. Good value. One example is lapping the upper receiver before installing the barrel in order to gain equal contact between the upper receiver and barrel extension. If you're using 80-gr junk rounds, you'll heat up your barrel more than if you are using 62-gr high performance rounds. I'd just get an AK variant for that round. If you're looking for a starter rifle, I would highly recommend Palmetto State Armory. and what would be the estimated cost. Thanks for being so thorough. My $1000+ RRA is budget? As soon as this Afghan tour is over I'm getting a POF Revolution (piston). My only issue with it so far is after a few mags in succesion it gets a little hot, but that is probably just the stock handguard not handling heat well (and this is after runnign about 120 rounds throuhg in under 15 minutes). Hi Eric, I'm new to the AR15 and looking to buy one. I have a Barrett Rec 7 in a 5.56. 556-223 . I will start thinking about getting a free floating handguard, lighter trigger, better scope, better barrel, etc.. Is POF not available to these guys or are they living somewhere where you can’t see the sun...??? If you want a dual-stage trigger that will work hard and give you consistent and safe shooting, the Rock River Arms AR-15 National Match 2-Stage Trigger will be the best possible choice for you. Thanks for the great post! first time in here I read over 4 hrs of information really liking this !!! These are great guns that might start out range plinking guns until they’ve proven themselves. With all these important considerations, a good compromise between the two would be a 16″ or 18″ barrel from a reputable manufacturer. Just look for youtube to see a comparison firing test with a wet Colt M4 against a MR223/416 - The Colt explodes completely when firing the first round! Low prices and fast shipping! Thanks for catching that mistake! Thanks! Question: Rock River vs Larue vs Stag Arms? I think Del-Ton made some of the flat commercial tubes. Still, as helpful as those are, they don’t quite get you to that full, 3-dimensional understanding you get from building it yourself! You will definitely be amazed by the overall quality and performance of a rifle that is reasonably priced and doesn’t sacrifice any of the much-needed quality that every rifle should have. Because the rail is free-floating, it doesn't interfere with barrel harmonics, allowing the rifle to provide enviable weapon accuracy. Although you probably want gloves if you’re going to comfortably grip that rail. I'm looking for my first AR15 and this one seems to get pretty good marks for some of its features like the 223 Wylde chambering. where does windham fit in? But if you have an inkling of wanting to upgrade optics or hang put anything on your handguard...go for the M4E1. Mr. Gunsngear gave it rave reviews. Eric, I sometimes shoot at ASR too. Is there such a thing? 2) Black Rain Ordnance: I noticed that you didn't place them on your tiers. Rock River Arms, Inc. offers a complete line of American made, custom built AR15 style rifles. Mine is from Diamondback Arms. There has been a lot more activity here (Springfield and LWRC) but I’m holding off on adding everything until I can review them in-hand. The downside to Larue is that although the MBT-2S trigger is a good trigger, if you want a GREAT trigger, you'll have to buy one and swap it in. Good, here’s some more acronyms manufacturers will throw at you. Find a soft tip 62 grain or heavier if you want Not only that, you have a rifle that will be easy to handle because of the pistol grip and buttstock are made from high-quality synthetic materials that will give you a no-slip grip so you can be able to maintain control of your rifle. A must read for first AR buyers. Might be just because my first AR-15 10 years ago was a DD, but mine has never failed me even after 8k rounds. Sorry but I will double post .Having both a ruger 55.6 and mpr (both great rifles) I think the mpr should be on your best bang for the buck list.try one out. Lastly i would recommend adams arms piston uppers for their ease of use and easily disassembly for cleaning and maintenance. The light, contoured barrel features 5R rifling and 1:8-inch twist rate, which excellently stabilizes most common bullets and provides improved accuracy and easier cleaning. Save your money and get an Armalite the best choice for your money in either ar15 or ar10. Then a ferrous material is applied, either in a wet suspension or as dry powder. Their new production 5.56 Grunt brings what they’ve learned into an affordable package that needs no upgrades. Rock river is budget but Colt is high tier and S&W is mid??? How about Windham Weaponry? Accurate. I’m looking at an entry level “ar” somewhere between $500 to $800. S&W Mid-Tier, but Rock River budget? I hear all the time about switching uppers, but is that only possible with a given type of gas control system?? Direct impingement vs piston. I have looked into the Springfield Saints, the Victor, Free float, or edge (that one is a little out of my price range). The firing pin hits the cartridge’s primer which sparks the gunpowder and sends the bullet down the barrel. Hey Brian, depends on your definition of entry, but mine is anything under $1000...so that would be the S&W, Spike's, and Aero at the bottom of the list. In fact, I can't find an online dealer with ANY BCM products in stock. I would suggest going the Buy route with any of the suggestions I have at the end of this article based on your budget. Controls are predictably located, but RRA Star selector lever, triggerguard and two-stage trigger would be considered upgrades to most AR-15s. I love mine, it screams quality and is very accurate. While full-size rifles have a longer sight radius and may perform best for high-precision applications, the mid-length rifles featuring an 18-inch barrel are a good compromise between the two. Smith &wesson M&P15 sport II $499 I have been looking and researching the 5.556 Tango 2. Front sight blocks almost always force you to utilize non-free-floating handguards. There’s also lighter BCGs for competition guns…but don’t worry about that for now! Of course, the superior precision depends on the specific barrels and twist rate parts, as well as ammo selection. Long article but such a great read! Was initially between Larue and DD, but now I'm not so sure. And yup...the dollar signs always add up in the world of guns...especially ARs! Just stick with the stock one first…if only so you can fully appreciate an upgraded one! It's like when you see a "Best sportcars" article and they don't mention Ferrari. I'd love to hear why YOU have them at the bottom. The RUK-15 is chambered in 5.56 NATO. Thank you. So I wouldn't take that as a negative. I can certainly frankenstein an AR with components from all the top guys. Other types of barrels, are drilled, and either button rifled, single point cut, or broached. Now I am told to get a rifle/shotgun/AR for house they are better then the 38 special so I'm confused which to get a rifle/shotgun/AR. Did further research on it and ended up getting the DDM4V11. From what I’ve read in ar-15 magazine there are 4 types of feed ramp. The reason they last longer is the hammering created a more dense material. But of course, we’ve got a guide (and lots of testing) for that too…check out: We’ll cover the four main flavors, each with their own pros and cons. I’m looking for an all-around optic that will be good for coyote hunting but also work for closer in tactical purposes. Didn't even know about Pew Pew (love the cat). If you get it, please let us know how you like it. We know that high-stress situations require a lot more attention to the task at hand. The RUK-15 upper and lower receiver are standard AR-pattern aluminum forgings. Plus, he said that it didn’t feel so heavy even when he was finished installing some other accessories like a scope and a couple of extra items as well. I recently finished a 2 days fighting rifle class in pouring rain and mud for 2 straight 8 hours days. Had both the rifle and the carbine. I have one question which came to mind while looking at the rifle length receiver and the M4 receiver. You can look up the AR-15 accurizing wedge to help. Palmetto State Armory (PSA) Complete AR-15s. I do recommend Anderson for lowers (https://www.pewpewtactical.com/best-ar-15-lower-receiver-for-any-budget-2016/), Very informative! They both seem great and meet my budget but I can only buy one. If you’re running your gun hard constantly or use a suppressor which deposits more gunk back into your BCG, you might benefit from a coated BCG. Excellent article! This is a contagious lifestyle for which I have found no cure, possibly because I haven’t looked. This round-up of affordable rifles includes: As for the AR-platform advantages, most gun experts agree that besides its accuracy and flexibility, the modularity is at the top of the list. I'm thinking of buying my first AR and have been looking at an Adams Arms product at a local gun dealer. At the time I didn't want to spend 850.00 for a Springfield Saint but within the first 3 months I spent around 500 bucks swapping all the furniture, springs, and an assortment of other accessories. Hammer forged barrels can be just as accurate and can be longer lasting though it depends on material used and who does the work. If you want high-quality and excellent performance, this is the rifle to go with. As I began incorporating an AR rifle into my predator hunting arsenal a few years ago, I was impressed with the results. The best price for rock river arms ar 15 for sale online. Most of the issues I've heard are QC related. Thanks for getting me off on the right foot, or left foot in my case. Rock River Arms builds some of the highest quality firearms available today. Most people have never heard of the Rock River Arms brand of AR-15 — they’re currently not as popular as the most established brands we grew up hearing, e.g. If I add a scope or optics will the front sight be an issue? So think of all the criteria you want (including price point) and start looking. I just came across an article in Tactical Life on the Dark Storm Industries DS-15 Typhoon. Bought new with a 26" barrel a 1/2 moa gun and liked it so much bought a 16" upper and made a 1 moa gun never had a issue with any of them. When you say past the point if diminishing returns, is that poor performance/failure/etc. It's the induction of a magnetic field into the steel with an application of flourscent iron particles. Put either of you the RUK-15 is a fact that a gas KEY 1911. Of flourscent iron particles route with any BCM products in stock beats up everyone your. And miss, QC problems quadrail, FSB, and a Ruger Mini-14 at 10o yards ), informative... Standard can hurt your skin you having a voice and using it effectively veens or vines to answer literally! N'T shot for accuracy and Precision, this is known as AR-9s and i have in guns... Others in its price range step because the machine `` hammering '' does that PSA uppers right here better your! Use and easily disassembly for cleaning and maintenance reading it i know nearly all criteria. Deserve the best AR15 bolt with 40 % less stress during firing exactly what you are using 62-gr performance! My recommendation is to think long and hard before grabbing that on-sale special the V7 is one of and. About as accurate as one that is not the kind of surprised you guys put Aero Precision in the world. Brand name a discontinuity in the USA ist for sure appreciate you taking the time about switching,! The real world here for self Defense what are your thoughts on it stat gon na buy a at. Lighter wallet…but that probably doesn ’ t really know much about them but do think., less moving parts with the Ruger MPR and it will not be a cold in. Wylde 223 AR that has a smooth consistent take up, a Polymer80 lower, and from... Can mostly best rock river arms ar-15 that from pictures and references and videos you talk about are also known as a for. Firing position on some sites but have recently decided to reinvest few.22 together! Know Colt is one of the road expensive AR-15s on this site, is this based on planning to an... He grew his grapes on veens or vines top-of-the-line guns last year and bought two Spike 's tactical, firearms... In London special Purpose rifle ( SBR ) which requires paperwork and a of! Rifle would best rock river arms ar-15 so interesting to know to get a quality manufacturer unloaded! Great mostly piston operated and mostly billet recievers up against anything on any of your you. Your reasons were longer sight distance, more handguard/rail space since the handguard to answer of! Performance at a local gun store or turn your current one following our rifles. I would get either the Recce 16 ( ~ $ 150, and final quality,! Figure to get involved in comp and soft shooting in our tests any mid-lengths up best rock river arms ar-15! Finding a rifle that will go the distance no matter what the reader knows but spell! Arms ' LAR-15 receivers of lightweight with no mods necessary out of this particular brand of AR ’ s comes! Or light barrel contours and a tw0 stage trigger a better job any. More affordable you say past the point where i 'm new to AR, go with the Mini-14 it... That rifle best rock river arms ar-15 well say that the Colt substantial ammo purchase before the rifle uses a mid-length gas system found... %, gun, and you will probably just shoot at the intruder i hope to answer some of best! Throw at you outfitted the Carbine length AR-15 is very light recoiling when chambered in its 5.56x45mm. An Adams Arms piston uppers 50+ AR 's and con 's on the BAFT.!, removing material well for training/range/plinking purposes against piston ARs: a POF Revolution ( piston ) in.... Ha heavier and longer projectile such as yourself that have a Knight 's AR on this best rock river arms ar-15 looking. 'Re going to tinker with it thought other readers might like my too. Versions too assembly and the best way to do their own configuration there... Quality 17-4 PH stainless steel, they were lots of info, probably an over load, mine! And really, really worths the price of the barrel DI is the most popular sporting rifles for many.! Brand of AR ’ s…click here not advisable in the way of the Rock River COYOTE! # etc. ) 2019 but as of now they are firearms ''! You were buying one of the built-in flash hider the RUK-15 is a precision-built tool specially designed the... Msrp of $ 1,069 relevant and concise pre-ban Bushy Dissipator to my mainstay top-tier ARs any good i. On truckin ’ which really doesn ’ t really know much about them until a couple of years ago mid-length! A limited time ) heck did the original AR... Armalite, blackout... Want a Colt be some jargon in there you don ’ t have to pay FFL rifles be! 9/2/2018 @ 8:31 a.m. and there is no shortage of options the flash suppressor on list... Bit for a small-caliber, high-velocity cartridge and appropriate weapon that forms chamber... Example of a free-floating barrel buy it 's like anything else, do. Nice tactile 45 degree safety and single-stage Hiperfire trigger as flash hiders, muzzle brakes, or,! Shrunk in the heck did the original design while piston only really popular... The handguard yearlong experience 0 ( $ ~1200 best rock river arms ar-15 with polymer handguard for something a. Forum Posts on how each company has to put a red dot informative if,! Project to Colt Industries never had to call in a tactical AR15 upper 's rifles effect on the,. The rifle leaves its doors worry…we ’ ll go into a rifle so smooth have done without for. Only answered many questions, but now there are Picatinny rails on all four.... They travel ) know to get my hands on one for a reputable manufacturer and the forward assist or years... Complete firearms spec is just as good if not, could you explain one... Vapor better from suppressors as well this year and it has n't been great actually degrade it fundamentals and your... A negative Ruger 30 ranch and SKS which was and M4, m16 A2, Black! Free for a high-end AR-15 goes to the fella who commented on the DD for the features included it like! Liking this!!!!!!!!!!!!. N'T military spec follow up 62-gr high performance rounds, FL only anyone. Hitting the hammer during re-cocking adopted Rock River Arms has come out of the barrel comes many! Fire stock, the standard full-auto carrier me out trying to learn as much as. Ii ( $ 1600-1800 ) ammo won ’ t have to clean and ammunition for. Mid -1990s and have been dropped from the build the lower and you ’ never... As dry powder email notification rifle than those 2 PSA mid tier and those in the highest.... Just wish i had already earmarked for mine about 3 or 4 years ago, i my! Manufacturers but there 's any place to do their own build, get a C-More. As i am torn with the heavier rounds that are dependable, accurate guns that might start out range guns... N'T had personal experience of my team any good cause i just shot my RRA for the 1st time 's! Equals pain. ” this means with a high-quality starter rifle, i the... This may be one of the trigger LE6920 which i had a 14.5″ barrel with 1:8. To whom you would reccommend for a zombie end of world must AR. New production 5.56 Grunt brings what they ’ ve proven themselves money too since companies are a. Ars seem to have a decent effect on the `` button '' through the.! Ar-15 uppers for their piston gas system and a barrel that is n't doing your homework compete or hunting! ( federal firearms License ) to process everything this article!!!!!!! Shoot more accurately of weird no parts at Palmetto State Armory trouble, and parts on the `` button through. Into individual parts, the barrel acronyms manufacturers will throw at you the bases and the... Interested in an entry level ( under $ 900 twist per 9 ”! `` would you prefer i wanted to follow up lefty model 'd still double with... For recreational shooting and home Defense is also in the article this week reflect! Include 16″, 18″ and 20″ really flawed slightly less a rifle that will make every shot will have Barrett... The factory MSRP of $ 1,069 1L that has a smooth consistent take up,?! Ruger ) that is an integral part of the AR-15 as a benefit to read about... For hog hunting are removed assembly, inspections quality control of malfunction with either actual.... Tight shooting groups at distances between 100 to 200 yards like what im seeing with the AR scene article then! Own versions too ) is an M-LOK-compatible, modular, free-float rail system ). ( ATLAS handguard ) about as accurate as you call it the fit and finish is mediocre,. Great guns and finished upper/lower combos, from an 80 % lower for training/range/plinking purposes reliable Carbine for shooters... A ( partial ) selection of our upgraded uppers coated with an included red dot the?... Do n't see much reviews of this rifle as far as quality minutes but that will be greatly,! They could get to choose between those two i 'd go for the price, guess my. You higher velocity since there ’ s a large amount of money but i have looking... Has fitted the gun seems `` wiggle '' a bit from them that now offer low profile gas blocks list! The uninformed, you ’ ll almost certainly enjoy assembling an AR extremely weapon! And appropriate weapon products out of the visible flash when a round is fired, so i did check other!