December 2004

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We hope everyone had a great and safe Thanksgiving.  With December here many people get stressed with the demands on their time due to less work days in the month to get everything done and holiday celebrations.  Please remember to take some relaxing time for yourself and if you have children don't put them off to do something around the house.  They are very special people, it only takes a few moments to appreciate them, and it is an opportunity to see happiness in their eyes.  Quality time with children doesn't always mean hours of your time, sometimes it is just a few minutes.  Don't let that opportunity pass.

During this busy month a lot of people are using their credit card, debit cards, charge cards, and checks in places that they normally don't.  Use diligence when providing your information to people, especially online.  Never give your information out to someone who has contacted you anonymously.  Identity Theft is on the rise and we are starting to see stories about this everywhere.  For information on how to protect yourself check our website ( ) or call our office.  There is also a lot of phishing going on so if you receive an email from someone asking you to verify your information with them and they ask for your name, date of birth, social security number, login name, password, and/or bank account number, DON'T do it.  If it is a legitimate request they should already know that information.  You should call the company that may have sent the email by calling the number on your statement not the number on the email.

We have made Buck, The Wiry Terrier, our mascot and his new pages are now online.  You can see them at   His pages are suitable for viewing by any audience.  It would be a great help to us if you would let your friends know about his pages.

Be sure to check our site to get forms, check your provider directory, find answers to questions, or just to check on Buck's recent antics.  If you have found our sevices to be helpful to you in anyway don't hesitate to drop us a short note and let us know.

With time being in short supply this month if you need to know how to convert a traditional cake recipe to use in the microwave or you need to be refreshed in how to tie a tie check our interesting links page

If anyone it traveling out of the country or having guests here from another country its a good idea to check insurance coverage.  If you need information on a short-term international travel or tip policy you can get information online and even print a policy right from your computer.

If you are not in the Missouri or Illinois area and need information on health insurance be sure to check out the new map of unrelated Hamlin Companies.

Until next time, have a save holiday season.

Robyn Hamlin
PH:  314-438-0222


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