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Individual Long-Term Care
And The
Time Value Of Money

Because money embodies security, it is only natural to believe that savings is the best approach to meet future needs.  BUT IS IT REALLY?

If you invest $100 monthly for 20 years and earn seven percent interest you will have $52,397 at the end of 20 years assuming no taxes were taken out.

For a 65 year old in good health, the savings method will purchase approximately 128 days of nursing home care in the twentieth year at what could be triple the current cost, or $390 a day.

Supposing the same person had purchased a long-term care insurance contract that had a benefit of $130 a day, with a 90 day elimination period, 80% home health care, and a 5% compounding inflation with a monthly premium of $95.29 they would have purchased an immediate benefit pool of $142,350 or three years of facility care.  In the 20th year the contract would have been worth an impressive $359,707 tax-free dollars.

After review of the investment dollars allowed for long-term care, the insurance contract becomes the only sensible solution for those genuinely interested in helping to guarantee affordable services now and in the future.

For more information on long-term care insurance or a personalized proposal, call

Robyn Hamlin at (314) 438-0222.

Long-Term Care plans are a great voluntary benefit for employees.  With a group long-term care plan employees have the option of purchasing a policy for their spouse, children, parents, siblings, and in-laws.  Because they are individual policies they are portable, this means that if they left the employer they could keep the policy and still have the same rates they had while employed.  With our population aging and baby boomers reaching retirement this is a benefit that more and more people have an interest in.


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